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A Speaking Sampler & Booking Buffet

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From teas to retreats, any event crafted to make folks feel encouraged, inspired and valued is my kind of gathering. Basically King Solomon and I have come to the same conclusion—there is a time and season for everything.  I especially enjoy encouraging women that no matter where we find ourselves in the process, we can leave a sweet fragrance in the lives of those we touch.  No wonder Christian growth is one of my most requested themes.  Whatever the occasion, I come prepared with a shaker full of hope and humor.

The unofficial name and motto I’ve given my ministry is Acorn Ministries-- Encouraging the God-given Potential in Each Person.  General themes/topics include: Adversity/Overcoming, Inspiration, Motivation, Hope/Humor, Restoration, Marriage, Family, Parenting a prodigal child, Relationships, Ministry, Church Leadership, and Writing.

Here is a nibble of some of my most-requested topics.  However, I LOVE cooking up and dishing out any new theme you might feel would minister to the specific needs of your group.


No matter what women have been told, they can’t do it all.  At least not all at once.

Based on my book of the same name, this workshop uses clever laundry-related topics such as:

*       They Don’t Make A Model Big Enough,

*       The Fabric of our Lives, and

*       Sorting Through the Stinky Stuff

To explore common stress points with which every too-busy woman will easily identify--issues like unhealthy comparisons, our natural tendency to nurture everyone but ourselves, and learning to balance responsibilities in order to pursue our own God-given gifts and passions. The goal is to encourage an extreme think-over for the purpose of not only living life more intentionally, but leaving a freshly laundered legacy.
When It All Comes Out in the Wash, this session will purposefully and poignantly explore the divine difference between women having it all and becoming all God intends them to be.  Especially great for a Spring Retreat theme!

*      RENEWAL

*      Learning To Lighten Up! - practical suggestions for relieving stress.  The focus is on eliminating the unnecessary and renewing our hearts and minds with scriptural meditation and worship.  Light & humorous.

*      Learning To Hold On! - holding onto faith through the inevitable changes in life. The focus is on learning to see change in a positive light and providing tools for coping with the unexpected.

*      Learning To Let Go! -  learning how, when and what to let go.   The focus is on restoration through relinquishing control and finding renewal through trust, forgiveness, compassion and inner healing.

*      Learning To Stand Firm! - faith produces faithfulness, the key to being renewed day by day.   The focus will be on seeing God’s unchanging faithfulness to us and our loving responsibility to Him.


*      Seasons - Recognizing that we all go through seasons in our lives, some more productive than others, but all necessary to the end result

*      Weeding - Identifying and eliminating what “chokes” our productivity and creativity

*      Finding Your Roots - Acknowledging our Heavenly Father as the source of all we do and say

*      Growing Where You are Planted - Learning to accept our circumstances and not allow them to hinder us from using our gifts

*      Learning To Blossom - Seeking a spiritual formula for developing and using our gifts

*      Leaving A Sweet Fragrance - Touching the world around us through word and deed


*      Purse-suing A Simpler Lifestyle - Ever notice how quickly your purse gets cluttered?  That’s because we just keep tossing stuff in without taking stuff out.  The same is often true of life. This session will explore some practical ways of sorting through the clutter, eliminating stress and simplifying both our natural and spiritual lifestyles.

*      Purse-suing A Put-together Lifestyle - Feel like you need a little help knowing how all the parts of your life fit together?  Here’s good news--you are not alone. This session will explore how God takes the pieces of our lives and weaves them together to make a thing of beauty.

*      Purse-suing A Lifestyle That Will Leave A Lasting Legacy – Notice how there’s a different purse for every style and season? That’s part of the fun.  This session will talk about the contributions we can all make to the lives of others.

*      THE PURPOSE DRIVEN QUILT - Becoming All God Wants Us To Be

*      The Crazy Quilt: Getting the pieces in order - Looking for the pattern, the “recurring theme” in your life - Jeremiah 29:11

*      The Collective Quilt: Working the pieces together – Discovering that we all have something to contribute and we all learn from others  – Romans 8:28

*      The Heirloom Quilt: Seeing the significance, legacy in each piece -  Learning that from the pieces of our lives something takes shape that is beautiful, unique and eternal – a lasting legacy - Philippians 1:4-6


*       The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – A tale of three in-laws

*       This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us—Or Is it? – Learning to set healthy boundaries in our extended relationships

*       You Sneaky Sidewinder! – Understanding the underlying causes of conflict

*       Peace-keepin’ – Steps we can take to find common ground

*       How the West Was Won – The story of a Biblical outlaw/in-law who saved the day!

Uses Interior Design/Decorating Concepts to Illustrate Spiritual Principles


*        Don’t Be Heavy-Hatted –Practical Points for De-stressing

*       The Garland of Grace – Finding Balance, Wearing Wisdom’s Garland

*       The Crown of Righteousness – Picking it Up, Laying it Down

*       New Mercies – Starting New, Finishing Well


*        Unpack - Identifying mental, emotional, spiritual baggage

*       Spread It out - Dealing with stress

*       Prepare For Unexpected Guests - Dealing with change

*       Rain - Getting under God’s umbrella

*       Go Home – Taking less than you brought, but more than you expected


*       Set On A Hill – Climbing to a higher place

*       Built On A Rock - Building a firm foundation

*       Place of Provision - Identifying the real source of strength

*       Place of Refuge and Safety - Finding refuge for ourselves, our families

*       Residence of the King - Meeting the “royal” standard

*       No Bad View From A Castle - Developing an eternal perspective

A true happily-ever-after story about love, sorrow, faith, loyalty, obedience, families, honor, and fulfillment that spans time and eternity

Seminars Related to Writing/Teaching:

As recently as ten years ago, inspirational or religious books stayed pretty much in their own market.   Then came enough Chicken Soup to drown an army, a great little town called Mitford, and the cliff hanger series chronicling the lives of those who’d been Left Behind.  Now a lot of people want to be touched by an angel.  As writers consider the possibility of submitting to this market, two questions immediately come to mind:  “What is the difference between religion and inspiration?” and “Can anyone write for these markets?”  We will attempt to provide clarification and information on the whats, wheres and hows.

This class is for anyone interested in learning some writing basics that will enhance teaching and speaking.  Anyone can read a lesson, but creative teachers/pastors paint a story.  Jesus was the Master story teller.  We’ll discuss writing principles that make every lesson/sermon a “best seller.”

Where do great writing ideas come from?  A scripture found in Matthew 13:52 may hold the key: “Therefore every teacher of the law who has been instructed about the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old.” The indication is that there are treasures in all of our storehouses.  We just need to dig them out and dust them off.


*       Trading Spaces - This session focuses on the basics of creating your personalized work space.

*       Finding Places - Everyone should have a system that eliminates confusion and clutter from your mind and workspace. 

*       Tools Of The Trade - Like anything else, having the right tools within reach makes the job easier.

*       Where Do I Start? – Two simple rules for getting a jump start on organization

*       Time Is Of The Essence – Nine productive principles of time management

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