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 When people ask, “How long have you been writing?”  my answer is, “All my life.”   That is if you count my diary, an infinite number of self-illustrated horse notebooks, and a short stint on my 6th grade newspaper.

 Truth is, for years I wrote only for my own enjoyment, the entertainment of those on my annual new year letter list, and the occasional special church event or production. Then a few years ago one of my poems, The Sunday School Saga of Tobias Jones, was published by request in a denominational magazine. It was Toby that gave me the courage to finally stick my big toe into the pool of potential publication. The result was several more pieces in print, an invitation to write a regular hope and humor column for a national women’s magazine and five books as described below.  Somewhere mid-stream, I finally began to think of myself as a real writer. 

 I’ll let you be the judge. 


Everyday Sabbath: The Art of Real Life Rest (Nazarene Publishing/Beacon Hill Press, Kansas City, Missouri, 2013)  $14.99 retail,  190 pages, ISBN: 978-0-8341-2881-1)

Do you ever feel as if life’s circumstances are overtaking you? Perhaps it’s your spouse, your children, a full-time job, caring for aging parents, or all of the above.  One tired day follows another. Is there no rest for the weary?

In Everyday Sabbath author Judi Braddy explores the foundational principles God used in establishing Sabbath rest in the first place as well as insights for keeping rest and spiritual reflection in the forefront of your mind. Each chapter is based in scripture and illustrates specific, practical application to help you make the mental adjustment that results in life-renewing change. Discover ways to insert Sabbath rest into your daily routine.

Read an excerpt from Everyday Sabbath.

Camp Gramma: Putting Down Spiritual Stakes For Your Grandchildren  (Nazarene Publishing/Beacon Hill Press, Kansas City, Missouri, $14.99 retail,  192 pages, ISBN: 978-0-8341-2373-1)

Grandparenthood can be overwhelming, especially for first-time grandparents. Living in a world where the stakes are high, the influences are many, and the entertainment can be costly, it’s more crucial than ever for grandparents to understand the importance of their role in their grandchildren’s lives.

In Camp Gramma, Judi Braddy combines personal examples with practical helps as she imparts insight, wisdom and the tools for embracing modern-day grandparenthood. Using humorous insight and a clever camping theme, she equips grandparents with ideas and encouragement for playing active roles in their grandchildren’s lives. From understanding the emotions of grandparenthood to exploring legacies, passing on traditions, and establishing the importance of spiritual journeys, Judi Braddy teaches grandparents to love, laugh, and intentionally form long-lasting memories with their grandchildren.

Read an excerpt from Camp Gramma


True North: Staying On Course Through Life’s Changing Circumstances (Nazarene Publishing/Beacon Hill Press, Kansas City, Missouri, $14.99 retail,  192 pages, ISBN: 083-412-3410)

Thirty-seven years ago Judi Braddy’s husband decided to leave a flourishing church in sunny California to pastor a church in the tiny, isolated fishing village of Pelican, Alaska. This was a change Judi never expected and, as she soon discovered, wasn’t prepared for. But as she endured the frigid weather and extreme environment, God revealed the true north points on her life’s compass—settings that have helped her keep her bearings, even through some of life’s most battering storms.

True North tells the story of the Braddy’s Alaskan adventure and the life-changing lessons God taught them during their service there. As Judi shares their story, she explores how the unique challenges and storms they encountered relate to every area of life and how they help illustrate biblical truths for enduring the unexpected. With laughter and learning, Judi takes you on an enjoyable journey that will help you secure your bearings and find faith and direction wherever life turns.

Read an excerpt from True North: Staying On Course Through Life's Changing Circumstances.

Prodigal In The Parsonage: Encouragement for Ministry Leaders Whose Child Rejects Faith (Nazarene Publishing/Beacon Hill Press, Kansas City, Missouri, $12.99 retail,  143 pages, ISBN: 083-412-2065)

Is there anything more devastating for a minister than setting out to win the world and finding himself losing a grip on his own family?  What a paradox.  Here he is, the spiritual quarterback, running the ball down the end zone for the Lord while his kids are tearing down the goal posts and burning them in protest before the crowd.

As ministers and the parents of three now grown sons, Judi Braddy and her husband, Jim, understand first-hand the dilemma a pastor faces when caught between the church and his family. Prodigal In The Parsonage… attempts to provide an honest look at the emotions and issues related to prodigal children specifically as they affect ministry families.  Its main purpose is to offer hope through spiritual perspective, help through practical suggestions, and encouragement through honest insight.  These principles are illustrated largely through personal experience stories, their own and others, along with a few professional contributors.  Prodigal In The Parsonage… is not a book that teaches how to circumvent problems, but how to live hopefully and victoriously in the midst of them.

Read an excerpt from Prodigal In The Parsonage.

Simple Seasons: Little Lessons for Large Living (Pleasant Word Publishing)

Life is an inevitable cycle full of beginnings and endings. But sometimes doesn’t it feel more like you’re going in circles than cycles? You often get so busy living life that you forget to look at life.

In Simple Seasons, Judi Braddy invites you to stop and smell the roses. And the daffodils. And the acorns. You’ll discover warm and funny stories celebrating the simple, everyday things in life—along with scriptures, prayers, and the important life lessons you can learn from them. Adapted from the columns she has written for a national women’s magazine, Judi has shaped each story around the hope and humor found in nature—human and otherwise. She writes to remind us that:

*  Nothing is an accident with God, but part of the plan He long ago set in motion

*  Each season prepares us for the next as we are strengthened by its lessons

*  Through every season, God is faithful

Each lighthearted story in this seasonal devotional contains a soul-stimulating message that will be hard to forget. Witty but weighty, these are tales that teach while tugging at your heart and soul.

Read an excerpt from Simple Seasons: Little Lessons for Large Living

It All Comes Out in the Wash: Sorting Through Priorities When Your Life Is Out of Balance (Nazarene Publishing/Beacon Hill Press, Kansas City, Missouri, Summer 2006)

No matter what women have heard or been told, we can’t do it all.  Trying to do everything inevitably means doing nothing well.  It’s like tossing all your clothes in the washer at once.  When you take them out you’ll discover that either what should be dazzling has come out dingy or, worse, the colors have all run together.  Truth is, some of us take on loads so large that (no offense to the Proverbs 31 woman) they don’t make a model big enough to handle it. Of course we’re not talking laundry here, but how to avoid the need for costly repairs in our lives and relationships.  This introductory chapter talks about the big difference between having it all and becoming all God intends us to be.

Looking for a great practical application Bible Study? A companion Discussion Guide for It All Comes Out In The Wash is NOW AVAILABLE to DOWNLOAD FREE.  Just click here!

Printed copies of the Discussion Guide in an adorable booklet form are also available for $5 each.  E-mail your request to Judi by clicking on the Contact Page.

Read an excerpt from It All Comes Out In The Wash…


*     The fastest and best way to get Judi's books is to order online.  Simply go to,  or

*     You can also look for them at your favorite neighborhood bookstore. If your local or online bookseller doesn’t have them in stock, you can do Judi a big favor by requesting that they order them.

*     To order directly from the publisher:
For Prodigal in the Parsonage, It All Comes Out in the Wash, True North, Camp Gramma and Everyday Sabbath, call Beacon Hill Press, at 1-800-877-0700 or go online to
For Simple Seasons, call Pleasant Word Publishers at 1-877-421-7323 or go online at

*     The books can also be ordered through Gospel Publishing House by calling 1-800-641-4310 or go online to


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