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Welcome to my home…page, that is!  Thanks for dropping by.  To me, home provides a place where you can kick off your shoes, make yourself comfortable, and get better acquainted. I hope that’s why you’re here. The attached “rooms” will tell you a bit about me, my family, writing and speaking--even my crazy schedule, if you’re interested.  There’s also a special place where you can ask questions, make comments and share a bit about yourself.   By the time you leave, I just know we’ll be friends.

Wondering which room to visit first? Here’s a quick tour of the house:

The Welcome Mat offers a proper introduction in the form of my official bio.  Okay, it’s a bit stuffy, but even the best friends have to get past formalities at some point, right?

The Book Nook provides info about my writing—past, hot off the press, or in progress—and where you can find it.  Included are excerpts from my five current books:

  •  Prodigal In The Parsonage: Encouragement for Ministry Leaders Whose Child Rejects Faith

  •  It All Comes Out In The Wash: Sorting Through Priorities When Your Load Is Out of Balance

  •  Simple Seasons: Little Lessons for Large Living

  •  True North: Staying On Course Through Life’s Changing Circumstances.

  •  Camp Gramma: Putting Down Spiritual Stakes for Your Grandchildren

  •  Everyday Sabbath: The Art of Real Life Rest

The Dining Room is where I serve up samples of my speaking.  Looking for someone to sweeten and/or spice up your next retreat, conference, or workshop?  Drop by for a nibble.  I guarantee you’ll find something you like.

The Office displays my crazy calendar of speaking and writing events.  Where applicable, contact information is provided—just in case you might be in the neighborhood and want to drop by.  Check it out.

The Family Room is my chance to brag a little on those nearest and dearest to me.  Just a word of caution:  you WILL be forced to look at pictures of my adorable, extraordinarily intelligent grandchildren.

The Prodigal Prayer Closet is very near the Family Room—a place for those who wish to share concerns, encouragements, and prayer requests about children who have wandered from faith and family.  But take heart.  This closet contains a special window shedding light on God’s word and encouraging us to pray his promises for our prodigals.

Judi’s Kitchen Café is just what it sounds like—a cheerful chat over the kitchen table.  This page will include whatever personal note I decide to serve up and may include random offerings such as journal entries, recipes, scriptures, quotes, funny stories, helpful hints or ministry resources. From time to time I’ll even introduce you to my favorite books, music and friends.

Ministry Statement/Statement of Faith offers information on what I believe and what my purpose is for my ministry.

Contacts is the place for you to leave your name and any special message.  Don’t forget…I can hardly wait to see what you have to say!

 Now kick off those shoes, pour your favorite beverage and let’s visit.

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